by Clouds Collide

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OPALESTIAL is the split between Clouds Collide and Sleeping Peonies.

This EP is my side of the split called 'Elestial'. The split was supposed to be released physically through Khrysanthoney in the coming weeks. Due to the unfortunate event in Wilhelm's death, Nic from Sleeping Peonies and myself decided to release our sides of the split digitally on our band camps.

You can download the fantastic Sleeping Peonies EP 'Opal' right here:


Nic and I dedicate Opalestial to Wilhelm.


released May 25, 2014

All artwork done by Wilhelm.

Mastered By Jared Stimpfl at Captured Recording Studios



all rights reserved


Clouds Collide Allentown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Migration
I have dreams where I'm surrounded by everyone I love
But in reality everyone I love has dreams that take them away

Take them away from me

There was a light during the darkest times
There was a warmth during the coldest nights

Now I endure it all, once again
Now I endure it all, all alone
Now I endure it all, ALL ALONE
Track Name: Inheritance
You, you see the love in all of us

You see her in me
We lost someone, an angel on earth

You can't hide, hide from the pain

Or repair those memories
Sun goes down

Stars are bright

Midnight breeze

Pour a drink

Think of me

I can't hide, hide from the pain

I need to relive it again

We have to love 

Without pushing others away

We have to love 

Without hopeless fucking faith

I will always love you

You are never really lost

Let's pour one out
And let's toast to the life

The life that we have now

The ones that we love now

The ones that she loved

This is our life from now on

When we dream, we dream about the dead

And all the love we've inherited
Track Name: Solstice
The late afternoon sun bleeds through dusty blinds
Feathers float throughout the room like particles in space
I lay helplessly on a bed occupied by the warmth of light
Deserted otherwise for what feels like forever

I must learn to show passion
With only love in my voice
I must learn not to reflect pain i've received
Back toward those unaware of their affliction
The medium between communication
And silence must be embraced
With only patience and understanding

Be patient
Forgive and love without pushing ones away
Track Name: Patience
Despite moving on, I will still dream
There's a brief sadness in sweet memories
And after the dawn, I will still drink
Warming the heart that bleeds of yearning

When it becomes cold, I will still mourn
Forming a fire to conflict the dark
When I am weak, I will still love
Embracing a world that yields agony

Despite being healed, I will still bleed
A wound that's been dealt from years of loathing
And after you're gone, I will still wait
Pouring a glass the rids of the pain

An honest sun fails me
Vulnerable, I wait
Patiently, I mourn
A fog cloaks the night sky
Vulnerable, I wait
Patiently, I mourn
Patiently, I crave

I will still dream
I will still drink
I will still love
I will still wait