All Things Shining

by Clouds Collide

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TONY ZAGORAIOS Yes..this is the perfect balance among melodic and aggressive music..the excellent marriage of brutal and beautiful clean vocals.
A great musical journey through an album that really stands out..!! Favorite track: Hope & Bliss.
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Kurt An atmospheric post BM bliss. Leaning more on the clean spacey vibe, it brings a complex vibe that is certainly unique. One of the best things I found in 2015. Favorite track: Eternal Warmth.
Michael Keerdo-Dawson
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Michael Keerdo-Dawson Clouds Collide are such a happy discovery for me, for the first time in my life I like the 'screaming' from death metal, and I like it here because of its joyful marriage to the lighter touch of post rock and its congress with more traditional singing. It is this blend of genres, or perhaps post-rock's latest co-opt, which put this album, and indeed this band, on another level. Favorite track: Admiring the Clouds.
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All Things Shining is the 2nd LP for Clouds Collide. With the purchase of this digital copy, you will receive a pdf of the digital artwork. All the credits and lyrics are available there. By purchasing this copy, you are making it a possibility to one day enjoy a physical edition of this album in some way. I would love for that to happen.

Until the Wind Stops Blowing dealt a lot with grieving and the winter. All Things Shining deals with the ups and downs of overcoming loss and once again is hugely influenced by nostalgic connections with the seasons and the memories that may come along with them, this time the season being Spring.


released June 2, 2015



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Clouds Collide Allentown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Turquoise Rose

I'll be alright, if you'll be alright 

In the sky, you'll see everything for me

I'll be content, if you see you've lent 
me all my steps from here on, 

Most of my fears are long gone 

I tend to feel guilt, because who you built

Is stronger now
from your death, 
I cherish my every breath
Track Name: Hope & Bliss
Imagining my soul withering

So when it does I'll be ready

I keep my hopes up in the clouds, so they rain down

Endlessly doubt the existence of god 

And anything described as faith, 

Comfort myself pretending
It's only you who resides beyond the sun

I used to think with a glass half empty

Now I drink from one always full

A sudden warmth grows deep inside the very makings of my core

A bottle becoming so hollow, your love overwhelming me

Becoming full of life and joy and overflowing with grief and longing

I gaze up high into the night, are you sharing this with me?

I used to think with a glass half empty
Now I drink from one always full

Someday we all will grow
Though there's things we'll never know
So I drink from a glass always full

And Dad, you always told me you both had fun
Well I wish I was able to see her so young
And always full 

Track Name: Admiring the Clouds
I must have been two years young
A window with those clouds in Upstate New York
I'm stronger now, but my memories' frail
It longs for those days, but flees and fails

I know that I look back every day...
Your strength, your weakness, your fear, how I watched you go...

It happens all the time

I know that I look back every day...
Your love, your smile, your warmth, how you helped us grow...

My memory's fought long but passed on now
So I'll just go on admiring the clouds

It happens all the time
I miss you all the time
Track Name: Every Drop of Rain
Every hint of season change is a portal
To a threshold of memories I'll have of you

It happens all the time
I miss you all the time
Track Name: Blossom
And in that final spring
Still always everything to me
I knew it was time for you to go
and be reborn

And in the following spring
Once I knew you were home
I simply asked for the sun
So that I too could bloom

Send me the sun
Track Name: Perihelion
In these thoughts
dreams or memories
with ice below my feet
I wondered if a setting sun is you
fading into the horizon

There's a trigger in my soul
Waiting to be tripped
By a floating melody or thought
that finds its' way to a locked core
Where a heart beats to nostalgia

There was this vision of a sun
amongst a faint pink sky
the clouds paint purple
and reflect on melting ice
A vision that's always with me
In dreams or memories

In these thoughts
dreams or memories
with ice below my feet
I wonder if the setting sun was you
fading into the horizon

And when I wake up anew
And I know this can't be a dream
I see that same sun rise, melting ice away
Beginning a new day, a birth of thoughts
That I choose to embrace with grace
or let nature take me on

When I see the light of life burst through the clouds
I can't help but to stop and wonder if you're behind this all
And I since I can't pray anymore, I simply hope
your soul keeps floating on
to where there's no more pain

You are the reason I feel
(Keep shining on)
You are the reason I love
(Keep rising up)
You are the reason I am
(Keep setting down)
You are the reason I see
(All things shining)
Keep shining
Track Name: Eternal Warmth
A warm and foreign breeze cuts through the air
Just when I couldn't breathe from the frost in my lungs

You are the rain that falls as life begins to swelter
You are the wave that crashed as I was treading delta waves

Just like you dreamt about
the ocean horizon awaits you
And if there are no seas
Discover endless sleep
Dream forever more

Is it your smile from above which summons the sun?
Is it your being that's eternal reminding me to fucking live?

There was that photo on the wall
The shoreline you wished to walk upon
When my feet sink in wet sand, I look out...

Just like you dreamed about
The ocean horizon awaits you
Swim forever now
And if there are no seas
Discover endless sleep
Dream forever now
Track Name: Only You
I'll be okay, if you warm the day, and shine on down 
through the clouds, I escape all my doubts.

I'll be alright, if you grace the night, reminding me 
that I breathe, a human being has to grieve.
But I'll be content, to know that you spent the last 5 years of our lives
in serenity, an abyss divine.