Until the Wind Stops Blowing​.​.​.

by Clouds Collide

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This album and most of my musical endeavors are dedicated to my beautiful mother Rose pictured in the album cover.

Until the Wind Stops Blowing... is inspired by memories birthed by her presence in my life before and after her death and the influence and effect Winter has on my nostalgia.



released January 29, 2013

All music and vocals by Chris Pandolfo

Assisted mixing and mastered by Jared Stimpfl -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Captured-Studios/223614657684563

Album cover photography by Phil Marino

Movie samples credited to Terrence Malick, Fox Searchlight Pictures, and Paramount Pictures.

The title 'Et je m'en vais au vent mauvais' credited to Paul Verlaine's "Autumn Song" poem.





all rights reserved


Clouds Collide Allentown, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: As if a Dead Leaf
Air turns from heat to remembrance cold
Wind wraps around a nostalgic body
Each hint of season change is a portal
To a threshold of memories I'll have of you

Only since a glance to the stars
The sky feels its' weight on me

You're changing your mind...
and flipping a page of passed time.

In time, the Autumn breeze will pass me on
I hope in the next life I'll be strong
Track Name: Endless Silence
The blinding sun couldn't light the paths chosen
Each step taken is closer to a dim, cold era
These moments replicate never ending silence
Longer than a child's bitter winter

The blind will receive sight before I finally find you
The deaf will bear sound before I ever hear your voice
I am on a constant search for something that isn't there

I will always listen for your voice
But you will never be there
I will always listen for your voice
But you are never there
Track Name: Glaciate
Every winter feels the same
The darkest, longest cold
The most extensive of death
Taking its time to be reborn

Every winter feels the same
The familiar fear of grief
The most desolate memories
Display yourself for me to embrace

I remember the woods where we lay in the snow
Only then was there a meaning for the frore
A moment soon rendered in a painting
Now abandoned to the farthest retrospection

With no regard, the wind may lash my skin
And the cold pierce the core of consciousness
Bring me back to those moments I will despair
Until the frost amongst my soul captures me in ice

Every winter feels the same
Track Name: Epoch of Ice
The winter breathes, exhaling a mourning sigh
A breeze that foreshadows all of my grief

When winter screams, I simply hide
Deep within my dreams
You'll still call my name

While treading delta waves, you'll find me
And bring in a storm that floods me back to life
Where I must thaw out and rebuild once again
Track Name: The Way the Wind Blew
Blessed are the forgetful
And cursed are the ones who dream about loss
Who are reset by the scent of the breeze
Blessed are the forgetful
And cursed are the ones who hear a song.
Who see a picture
Who think of a day when all should be
But all is not

Alone in a hallway
A flowing breeze through tree tops
An ocean's horizon
Chasing you into the waves
Rain sounds on the window
I shelter you from storms
The other side of the bed
Empty, cold sheets
Empty city streets

A winding road that disappears into a mountainous landscape
Snow fall
An open field

I can't stop loving what is gone
And I can't stop loathing what is here
Until the wind stops blowing
My heart re-falls in love
To break again and again